Will Your Dental Insurance Change? Open Enrollment is Coming Up!

Open enrollment for Health and Dental insurance is coming up soon – beginning November 1st.

Healthy Teeth for Life This is the period when you may elect or change your benefit options available through your employers, such as health, dental and life insurance. While some employers may offer multiple plans, others may only offer a specific plan.

Because changes in health care plans occur every year, it’s always a good idea to verify if your existing plan is staying the same or changing. And if you’ve recently changed jobs, you’ll want to be aware of your new health and dental insurance carriers.

If your employer offers dental insurance in your health care plan, find out who the provider is. And verify what your coverage will be for the upcoming year, as plans do change from year-to-year.

If your employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, it’s a great idea to look for supplemental coverage that will take care of your dental needs – annual teeth cleanings, check-ups, etc. And if you have children be sure they’re included, as well.

And if you’re signing up via a Health Exchange, be sure to see if dental is included with certain health insurance plans, or if you’ll need to sign up for supplemental dental insurance.

It’s important to stay on top of your annual preventative dental care. And maximizing your dental coverage for your cleanings, dental exams and treatments is a great way to do it.

North Seattle Dental is a Premier Provider for Delta Dental, as an in-network Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with the Dental Health Alliance. Visit our Dental Insurance Plans page to find some of the dental insurance providers we currently work with.

Have questions? If you have questions regarding your particular plan, or have any other questions regarding your dental benefits, please call (206) 524-1000 or  contact us online and let our benefits coordinators help you.

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