Keep Your Teeth Stain Free Over the Holidays!

Tips to Avoid Holiday Teeth Stains

Tips to Avoid Holiday Teeth Stains
The Holidays are a season of joy and good cheer. And that means there’s going to be plenty of festive gatherings with lots of foods and drinks to sample.

While many of these seasonal treats are delicious, they are also really good at staining your teeth – Here are some of the Holiday Teeth Staining Culprits!

Rather than trying to avoid many of these foods and drinks for the sake of a brighter smile, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize any teeth staining effects.

How to Reduce the Holiday Season Tooth Stains

  1. Keep Your Brush and Floss Handy! – Brush and floss your teeth after meals to help prevent stains from setting in. Tip: Wait about 30 minutes after consuming an acidic beverage or meal before brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth too quickly after eating can actually perpetuate the enamel erosion of your teeth. Why? The enamel is already softened due to the acidity in your food or drink you recently consumed.
  2. Sip with a Straw – Try using a straw when you’re at some of these festive gatherings. Drinking via a straw will help divert the beverage from hitting most of your teeth – teeth staining culprits like sodas, ice tea, fruit punch, etc.
  3. Keep the Water Flow Coming – Let it flow, let it flow – drink lots of water during and after meals to help flush away food particles and the acids from certain beverages.
  4. Don’t Miss Your Teeth Cleanings – Your routine cleanings work wonders to take away many built-up stains, and  they’re  probably one of the best things you can do for the health of your mouth, and your overall health! Here are the benefits that come with every teeth cleaning!
  5. Give Yourself a Holiday Whitening Present – Give yourself the gift of a bright smile and let it shine throughout the holidays! Now through December 22nd brighten your smile and save extra off our in-office or take-home teeth whitening!

Instead of missing out on all the Holiday cheer add a few of these tips to your daily oral hygiene routine to help keep the stains away. And if you’d like to let your smile shine even brighter for the Holidays, and through the New Year, we have some excellent professional whitening options – in-office (up to 8 shades brighter in one visit!) or custom take-home whitening kits. You can rely on us for a safe, effective and easy whitening experience!

Request a whitening consultation to learn how these treatments can support your teeth whitening goals – Call (206) 524-1000 for a whitening consultation, or make an appointment here!

Happy Holidays from All of Us!

P.S. Brighten Your Smile for the Holidays & SAVE  – Visit Our Teeth Whitening Special!

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