The Family that Flosses Together

The Stanley Family Dental Success StoryHow do you take over a dental office? One family member at a time! When Erika and Kyle Stanley visit North Seattle Dental with their family, the Stanleys take over North Seattle Dental, literally. This family of eight has been known to schedule dental appoints for five at time. And chances are pretty good that most of the North Seattle Dental staff know the entire family.

Three Generations of Patients
For over 15 years now, Erika and her family have been going to North Seattle Dental, where they see Dr. Leah Worstman, a dentist their entire family likes. “I like Dr. Worstman because she’s friendly and personable,” Erika says.

“All the staff is really friendly,” she says. “It’s almost like visiting a friend,” she adds, as she mentions how the staff knows all the family members and remembers what’s going on in their lives. “I feel like they’re genuinely interested in my kids and me.”

Even Erika’s parents go to North Seattle Dental. In fact, it was Erika’s mom who referred Erika to North Seattle Dental, as she raved about her dentist Dr. Chris Pickel. So the Stanleys came to North Seattle, liked the dental service their family received and have been coming back ever since.

Dental Care for the Entire Family
Erika is proud of her family’s teeth and appreciates how Dr. Worstman is diligent on keeping everyone on track for great oral health. “I think we all have beautiful teeth,” she says. “Dr. Worstman doesn’t let anything slide, so they call and text me reminders to come in.”

Visiting the dentist may not exactly be the highlight of anyone’s day, but at least North Seattle Dental can find a way to entertain every member of the Stanley family, whose six kids cover quite an age range, from elementary school to middle school and from high school to college. “My little kids love the treasure box,” Erika says. “And they can all watch TV while they get their teeth cleaned.” As for Kyle and Erika, they enjoy catching up with the staff.

Dental Services
Erika says that her family of eight is well acquainted with many of the dental services North Seattle offers. ”We’ve used nearly every service a dentist can provide,” she says. “Teeth cleanings, x-rays, fillings, sealants, tooth extractions and mouth guards. No root canals yet, but I’m sure that one is in my future,” she adds.

Keeping Calm – Dental Anxiousness
Does anyone ever feel nervous about visiting a dentist? Sometimes sitting in a dental chair can create a little anxiousness, but Erika finds that Dr. Worstman and her staff do their best to keep everyone at ease. Erika mentions that she sometimes takes a bit longer to schedule appointments for herself, especially if she has to deal with a cavity. “I hate getting fillings, and they’re very patient with me and my schedule.”

“Kyle and I can be a little anxious,” Erika points out. “If I’m nervous they’re nice about it, always asking if I’m comfortable or if I need anything, “she says. “They don’t judge us when we ask for laughing gas.”

Funny Story
Erika remembers how she once had five appointments set up for the same time. “Unfortunately, we overslept, so I called them to say ‘we’re running late’,” she recalls. “We made it fifteen minutes late, all in our pajamas, but they took us anyway!”

Would Erika recommend North Seattle Dental to anyone else?
“Yes, I would, and I have,” she says. “The office is beautiful and clean. They’re set up for all ages and very accommodating. We’ve not once had a bad experience.”

It Takes a Team
It’s no easy to maintain good oral health for a family of eight, as it takes effort to maintain good habits and time to set up (and coordinate!) appointments and follow ups with your dentist. But Erika and Kyle are truly good role models for showing that even in today’s hectic world, there’s always a way to make time for taking care of teeth. The Stanley team is definitely doing their part to keep the cavities on the run and we’re grateful to have them as part of our family at North Seattle Dental.