Feeling Stressed? Teeth Grinding is on the Rise!

stress increases teeth grinding

Feeling stressed? If you are, you’re in good company.

An American Dental Association poll recently found that 69% of dentists are seeing an increase in patients grinding or clenching their teeth. It seems as though the stress and anxiety associated with the constant threat of illness, economic concerns, and social isolation could be factors that are causing people to grind and clench their teeth more. Living during a pandemic isn’t easy.

stress increases teeth grinding
If you’re feeling more stressed lately, you probably are clenching your teeth. And when you clench your teeth, you’re probably grinding them too. But, most likely, you don’t know that you are doing this, because most teeth grinding occurs when you’re sleeping.

So, what’s the big deal if you clench and grind your teeth a little more during the pandemic? Plenty. When you grind your teeth chronically (on a regular basis), you’re not only damaging your teeth, and your wallet to fix them, you’re also disrupting your sleep, and harming your overall health.

Fortunately, we have some options that can come between you and your teeth. Our custom made night guards can save your teeth from you. they won’t shield you from the daily stress going on around you, our night guards will protect the health of your teeth, your overall health, and maybe even your finances. Consider your night guard as insurance from needing more serious, and costly, dental treatments down the road to fix your teeth.

So, what are some clear signs that you’re teeth grinding? Glad you asked.

6 Signs You Grind Your Teeth

  1. You Wake Up with Headaches or Migraines
  2. You Notice Pain in Your Jaw or Jaw Joints
  3. You Have Tooth Sensitivity - you experience tooth sensitivity when you drink or eat hot or cold foods.
  4. Your Teeth Have Unexplained Damage - Your tooth enamel is worn down, or you fillings and dental crowns are cracked, or damaged. ​
  5. It Hurts When You Chew or You Have Difficulty Chewing - It feels like your upper and lower teeth don't align properly.​
  6. You Feel Tired Throughout the Day - Even though you think you're getting a good night's rest, your teeth grinding is disrupting your deep sleep.

While stress is often the culprit behind chronic teeth grinding, health related issues, such as TMJ disorder or sleep apnea, may be causing the issue.

If you’re noticing any of these signs of teeth grinding, please talk to us about whether a night guard will work for you. It could very well do the trick, or there may be other options, like Invisalign that can fix a common orthodontic issue, while also cosmetically enhancing your smile.

Just call us to schedule a teeth grinding consultation at (206) 524-1000 or request an appointment online! We'll diagnose the cause of your teeth grinding and develop a plan to treat, so that you can stop damaging your teeth, and get a better night's sleep too - as will anyone else who sleeps next to you!

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