Custom Sports Mouth Guards – Protect Kids Teeth When They Play!

Custom sports mouthguards protect kids teeth

While it might not make a big difference in their game, a custom made sports mouthguard may make a big difference in keeping your child out of the dentist’s office.

Every year over 5 million teeth get knocked out during kids’ sporting activities. And that doesn’t even include all the different types of recreational activities kids get into – skiing, skateboarding, basketball, riding unicycles, even bouncing on the backyard trampoline.

Custom sports mouthguards protect kids teeth

Dental injuries happen, especially to kids, and they affect all age groups from toddlers, tweens and teens to kids in college!

When Should Kids Wear a Sports Mouth Guard?

So, for what sports and activities should your kid consider wearing a sports mouth guard? Quite a few actually, and the list keeps on growing! Here’s a list of 30+ sports + recreational activities that the American Dental Association and the Academy of Sports Dentistry now recommend adding mouth protection.

Why Custom Sports Mouth Guards vs Store Bought Boil + Bite?

There’s a significant difference between the custom mouth guard we design versus the boil and bite mouthguard purchased at sporting goods stores, etc.

Namely, the biggest difference is that boil and bite mouthguards don’t fit as well, or as snug, as custom designed mouth guards. These store bought mouthguards are usually uncomfortable to wear, and they can also interfere with the your kid’s ability to breath or speak when they’re out there playing sports or other recreational events.

There is also some concern that boil and bite mouth guards don’t offer the necessary thickness to really protect teeth compared to custom mouthguards. When you customize the store bought guard’s thickness often decreases when you initially boil it and bite into it. This may compromise the protection it offers.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards Work Well + Feel Great!

Whether its for sports or stunts, we have various sports mouthguards in an assortment of colors. Starting at $55, these mouthguards vary by the type of sport and by the athlete’s age. By taking impressions of the upper and lower teeth, each mouthguard is customized to comfortably conform with unique teeth and jaws of your child.

Our sports mouth guards will protect the teeth of your kids, and, just as important, your kids probably won’t mind wearing them either. They’ll fit nicely, they’ll look pretty good too, with several colors to choose, and they won’t get in the way of their game.

Dental injuries in general could be significantly reduced if kids (and adults!) wore sports mouth guards when they’re out there playing!

Compared to the price of replacing a missing tooth, a custom fit sports mouth guard is a small price to pay.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about getting a custom made sports mouth guard for your kids, or for yourself. Call us at (206) 524-1000 or reach out to us online!

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