A Snore Guard Could Save Your Relationship

Snoring is not good for your relationship

Snore at night? If you do, you’re in good company. About 45% of adults do. Even if you don’t think you snore, you still might. Only 59% of snorers claim that they snore.

Snoring is a common problem that covers all age groups, women and men alike. Many adults over 30 are considered “regular snorers”. In fact, on any given night, about 37 million American adults will snore the night away.

Snoring is not good for your relationship
What’s the big deal with a little snoring every night? A lot. It's hard on your health, and it can be harmful to your relationships.

On-going chronic snoring could eventually lead to irreconcilable differences. A study claims that snoring is one of the leading causes for divorce – it comes in at number three. Sleep deprivation and the disruption your snoring causes aren't the secret ingredients to a harmonious relationship.

Snoring can also stress your day-to-day life too. You notice that you feel tired all the time. You're unable to concentrate, and maybe you're a little more moody than usual. It also harms your long-term health, increasing your risk for having high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart conditions.

So, what causes snoring? A number of factors can contribute to chronic snoring. It could be due to a physical condition, like sinusitis, nasal obstruction, or sleep apnea. About 50% of the people who snore loudly have obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where your air flow is blocked while you sleep, causing you to snore loudly, or make gasping sounds. These sounds occur because your body awakens unconsciously throughout the night to start breathing again. Other causes of snoring may be linked to allergies, being overweight, or to alcohol consumption.

Ant-Snoring Devices to the Rescue!

If you are a chronic snorer, there is help for you, and those who sleep near you. We’re not marriage counselors, but our anti-snoring devices (aka snore guards) can improve your relationship, as well as help protect your health.

Snoring occurs when your jaw and tongue drop back into the throat, restricting your flow of air. A snore guardsnore guards is a small, custom made plastic mouthpiece that fits into your mouth, much like a retainer. It fits comfortably over your teeth to keep your jaw in a forward position, so it keeps your tongue from blocking your airway. It significantly reduces or eliminates snoring. It's incredible that something so small can make a big difference in the quality of your life.

Getting a snore guard might be the best thing you do this year to improve your health, and the health of your relationship.

If you believe (or someone sleeping next to you believes) that you could benefit from an anti-snoring device, or that you think you could be suffering from sleep apnea, please call us at (206) 524-1000 to schedule a consultation, or request an appointment online.

Don't let snoring get between you and a wonderful relationship.

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