Why Chris Pickel is My Favorite Seattle Dentist

Why Chris Pickel is My Favorite Seattle Dentist

Why Chris Pickel is My Favorite Seattle Dentist

Having visited Dr. Chris Pickel at North Seattle dental for over 15 years, fellow Husky football fan Susan Rouleau shares why she keeps coming back to Dr. Pickel and the NSD experience.

Susan Rouleau North Seattle Dental Patient Why did you choose North Seattle Dental?
My sister and brother in law, and my Mom all went to Dr. Pickel. When we returned to Seattle, I went to him on their recommendation

What things do you like about the North Seattle Dental staff and the office environment?
The staff is not only friendly, but they are efficient too. It’s a fun family atmosphere.

What do you like about Dr. Pickel?
Every time I have to go to see Dr. Pickel, I almost look forward to it. He is disarmingly funny, but with a strong foundation of competence, which always puts me at ease, no matter what I bring to him in terms of a dental issue. I’ve had a few crowns, fillings and most recently a dental implant (referred to a prosthodontist for the extraction). Every single time, everything was made better, or easier with his easy-going style and great skill. He explains what is happening and what to expect. I love that. And it doesn’t hurt that we have a great time discussing every detail of Husky Football, that could make the most difficult dental procedure fun. ☺

Do you use NSD for yourself or for your entire family?
My husband goes to another dentist that he got started with a long time ago and all our kids are out of the area. But my sister and brother in law still go, as does my almost 91-year-old Mother. She is now wheelchair bound but she wouldn’t consider not going through enormous effort to see him. By the way, the staff assists in an “over the top” manner in helping Mom get transferred into the chair etc. My sister transports her to the office, but her details regarding the care given Mom are unreal.

How have these dental services worked for you?
I love everything Dr. Pickel has done to my teeth. He is extremely careful to match color when required.

Why would you recommend Dr. Pickel to anyone else?
I would recommend Dr. Pickel to anyone who is seeking a dentist who is highly skilled, congenial and makes you feel like there is no one in the office except you. Two thumbs up for a wonderful dentist.

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