Less Anxious About Visiting My Dentist

Less Anxious About Visiting My Dentist

Why I Now Look Forward to Visiting My Dentist

A lifelong dread of visiting the dentist changed for Jack Preston when he discovered Dr. Chris Pickel and the staff at North Seattle dental. Jack shares his experience with the North Seattle Dental team and how they helped him feel less anxious and more comfortable. Now Jack actually looks forward to visiting his dentist.

Jack Preston North Seattle Dental Patient How did you choose Dr. Chris Pickel as your Seattle dentist?
After 20+ years with the same dentist, for a variety of reasons, I was in need of a change. I found Dr. Pickel after a search for someone with the best of credentials, a Seattle dentist with a broad area of expertise, so that, once my issues were addressed, I could choose to stay with him if I liked. I looked for a dentist who was thought of highly by his peers, as well as his patients. Only being 10 minutes away from home and all of Dr. Pickel's Top Dentist selections didn't hurt either.

What things do you like about the North Seattle Dental staff and the office environment?
As for the office environment, the place is always tidy and buttoned up but very comfortable. Among the staff there seems to be a tight connection regarding their work performance. The best part of all is that, when they know you, it's like walking into Cheers and your name is Norm. Given the dread I have felt going to the dentist my entire life, North Seattle Dental makes you glad you came and I'm certainly glad I found them.

What do you like about Dr. Pickel?
We speak the same language in many regards, not the least of which is a love we both have of music. His sense of humor is apparent, his manner is gentle and his striving for defect-free work and patient satisfaction is greatly appreciated.

What types of dental services has Dr. Pickel provided for you?
Effectively a reconstruction of my teeth, as my bite had completely broken down.

How have these dental services worked for you?
Foremost is the fact that he, his staff, his methods and services have put me completely at ease. I think the technical term describing me in a dentist office is phobic. The consequence of trusting them is a smile reminiscent of that of a teenager...straight, white and beaming.

Were (or are) you anxious about visiting the dentist? If so, what things does Dr. Pickel and his staff do to help lesson your anxiety? In my past I think the most difficult part of the dentist visit was the feeling I had no control, and of course, that was compounded by a less than desirable cumulative outcome over time. With Dr. Pickel and the staff at North Seattle Dental there is a plan and my input is part of the plan. He delivers the anesthetic painlessly, there are no surprises and the outcome is what was promised. At least for me, there is no anxiety when there is no unknown.

Why would you recommend Dr. Pickel to anyone else? And have you?
I recommend him at every opportunity because I trust him. I know that, whether one chooses to use him or not, they will have a good experience.

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