Kids Cavity Free Club

No Cavities at North Seattle Dental

It’s not easy being a kid, especially when parents ask them to do things like eat vegetables, clean their room and brush their teeth!

No Cavities at North Seattle Dental Could anything be worse? Maybe. How about cavities?

Recent studies indicate that over 40% of kids will have a cavity by the time they enter kindergarten and 21% of kids between 6 to 11 will have a cavity in their permanent teeth! So, what’s a kid (and their parent!) to do? Use an incentive (or a bribe)!

Because kids are getting more cavities than ever, North Seattle Dental is here to help kids, and their parents, battle those pesky sugar bugs throughout the year – not just during National Children’s Dental Health month!

Besides offering routine exams, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants and lots of coaching, we’re giving our young patients an additional incentive to stay cavity free by entering our Kids Cavity Free Club drawings throughout the year.

How the Kids Cavity Free Club Works!

1. Schedule your child for a teeth cleaning and dental exam – any time throughout the year.

2. Every “kid” – those of you between 4 and 18 – who is declared cavity FREE will be entered into a drawing for a gift card:

  • A $25 Amazon Gift Card!

3. When are our drawings? We do these every few months, so your kid will have plenty of other chances to win (besides having cavity-free teeth)!

While a free gift card might be a great incentive to stay mindful about cavities, here are some other tips to help your kids stay cavity free!

When you’re ready to make an appointment, just call (206) 524-1000 or schedule online. And if you’re child is between the ages of 1 to 3 we also do complimentary Well Baby Dental visits – we’ll examine your child’s teeth, give them an opportunity to get comfortable visiting a dentist and also offer parents some helpful oral care tips.

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