Protect Your Teeth & Save Some Money
Sports Mouth Guard Special!

Even super heroes need sports mouthguards

Save $25 Off Custom Sports Mouth Guards - Thru October!

The Seattle Kraken just launched their historic 1st NHL season. And you can bet that no player hit the ice without sporting a mouth guard.

Whether you’re a fan, or you like to play it, hockey isn’t the only sport or recreational activity where you can damage or lose a tooth. In fact, the American Dental Association and the Academy of Sports Dentistry now have a list of 30+ sports and recreational activities that they recommend using mouth protection to help avoid possible dental injuries.

Protect your teeth with a sports mouthguard when you planWhat are some the activities on this list? Snowboarding, skiing, soccer, horseback riding, basketball, and any activity that involves striking a ball with a stick or bat. (Golf or piñata parties aren't on the list yet.)

Whether you’re the middle-aged Dr. J of the pick-up b-ball games, or someone in your family is an extreme skateboarder prodigy, everyone can benefit at some point from the additional protection of a custom made sports mouthguard.

Normally custom made and sold for $100, we're now offering our mouthguards for $75 - now through October 31st 2021. It's a savings of $25, and also great insurance compared to the price of replacing a missing tooth.

Unlike the boil and bite mouthguards you can buy at the store, our mouthguards are designed to conform to each patient’s unique teeth and jawline. They feel good, and they look good (choose from various colors!), so there’s hope that you, or your kids, will actually want to wear them.

Every year more than 3 million teeth get knocked out due to recreational and sports activities. Fortunately, that’s a statistic you don’t have to add to. When you’re out there playing, please wear a sports mouth guard and keep your teeth safe & in your mouth, where they belong.

Adding a custom sports mouthguard to your arsenal of personal protection will serve you and your family well. Request one if you have an appointment coming up. And, if not, just call our office at (206) 524-1000 to set up an appointment or reach out to us online.

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