5 Reasons to Consider Invisalign vs Traditional Braces

Invisalign a clear alternative to braces

As we get older, our teeth shift. Some patients may notice this more from their front lower teeth, which may shift sooner.

Invisalign a clear alternative to bracesWhere your teeth may have once been perfectly straight, you may suddenly notice that a particular tooth is shifting forward or twisting. Besides affecting the appearance of your smile, there may also be some oral hygiene issues associated with shifting teeth, like difficulty flossing.

So what’s an option for this shifting? While an orthodontic treatment is traditionally used for children and teens, but more and more adults or all ages are now opting for it. Luckily, many of us don’t have to relive the metal braces of our teen years. Thanks to an orthodontic appliance called Invisalign, patients can now avoid the “barbed wire” in the mouth experience.

Invisalign is literally the “clear alternative” to traditional braces. These clear aligners will help correct some common orthodontic problems like crowding, shifting and bite problems. And they’re much less invasive because they are clear and because you can take them out to eat or to clean your teeth.

So, if you’ve noticed that your teeth are shifting or you want to deal with an overbite issue, consider Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. And when you’re ready to discuss the treatment or find out if it’s a good option for you, please call us for a consultation. P.S. Here are 5 Reasons to Invisalign Your Smile!

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