Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Cavity Free

So, what’s the number one chronic childhood disease out there?

Toothprints teeth impressions for kids According to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, tooth decay is the number 1 childhood disease. It’s five times more common than asthma. And it’s on the rise for kids.

Recent studies show that over 40% of children will have tooth decay by the time they enter kindergarten. And 21% of kids between 6 to 11 already have cavities to their permanent teeth.

So, what’s a kid supposed to do? Luckily most dental diseases are preventable, but it takes a little effort and mindfulness. Here are 7 ways for kids, and their beleaguered parents, to fight back against tooth decay, and maintain good, oral health.

7 Ways for Kids to Stay Cavity Free!

  1. Visit the dentist early – when? Usually by the time the first tooth appears or the 1st birthday!
  2. Regularly brush & floss (sometimes with supervision) twice a day!
  3. Bribe them free gift cards as an incentive to combat cavities – like the North Seattle Kids Cavity Free Club!
  4. Be aware of foods that promote cavities!
  5. Try Sealants – sealants are a thin coating painted on the chewing surface of the tooth to fill in any pits. School-age children (between 6-11) are nearly 3 times more likely to get molar cavities compared to kids with sealants.
  6. Incorporate foods and tips that help prevent cavities!
  7. Schedule routine dental exams with your dentist!

Helping your kids develop good dental hygiene is the best way to assist them in the on-going battle against tooth decay and cavities. And if your kid still needs a little more of incentive besides being cavity free, they they can always enter their name every time they get a “Cavity Free” declaration at their next dental exam with us.