Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy for Life

Keeping kids teeth healthy for a lifetime of good health!

There’s a direct correlation between oral health and longevity. In fact, studies show that the more teeth you have the more likely you are to live a longer life.  So, keeping your kids’ teeth healthy is also a great way to steer them towards a lifetime of better health.

Healthy teeth, healthy life. That’s a fact. And the earlier you help your kids maintain good oral health the better. Kids can start coming in for dental visits as early as 3 years.

Keeping kids teeth healthy for a lifetime of good health!

5 Ways to Help Your Kids’ Teeth Stay Healthy for Life!

  1. Don’t Miss Kids Teeth Cleanings – Plaque is the #1 enemy of your kids’ mouths. The sticky bacteria starts forming on their teeth about 4-12 hours after they brush their teeth! As it builds up on their teeth it produces acids that attack their tooth enamel, causing cavities, as well as gum disease, bad breath, and even tooth loss. Daily brushing & flossing is great, but it doesn’t fully remove all the plaque build-up. Only professional cleanings by your friendly dentist & dental hygienists can effectively scrub away the plaque on your kids’ teeth. Staying on top of your kids’ cleanings will reduce their risk for cavities, and gum disease, but it will also help them maintain good overall health!
  2. Sports Mouth Guards Prevent Dental Injuries – Every year 5 million+ teeth get knocked out during kids’ sporting activities. And that doesn’t even include all the different types of recreational activities kids get into – skiing, skateboarding, basketball, riding unicycles, even bouncing on the backyard trampoline. Dental injuries happen to kids of all age groups, but our custom made sports mouth guards can protect your kids from serious dental damage or tooth loss. These mouth guards are comfortable to wear, look good (with several colors to choose) and they start at $55. Compared to the price of replacing a missing tooth, a custom fit sports mouth guard is a small price to pay.
  3. Keep Baby Teeth Healthy + Practice Good Oral Hygiene Early – Your child’s baby teeth are temporary, but they should be taken care of with the same level of care as permanent teeth. Keeping these “temps” healthy is crucial to your child’s future oral health! If you have a toddler, please ask about our complimentary Baby Well Visits to help you keep their baby teeth on track – Here are 5 Reasons Baby Teeth are Important to Long Term Oral Health!
  4. Beware of Foods that Torment Kids Teeth – What your kids eat (and don’t eat!) can be as important to their oral health as maintaining a good daily oral hygiene routine. Here ar 7 foods that don’t play nicely with your kids’ teeth!
  5. Get Extra Help to Fight Cavities – Tooth decay is now the most common disease for kids between 6 to 19! Recent studies show that over 40% of children will have cavities by the time they enter kindergarten, and more than half of kids between 12 to 19 already have cavities to their permanent teeth. If your kids need a little extra help fighting cavities, try sealants. They’re a thin clear coating painted onto the molars to fill in any pits – where food particles get stuck. Sealants are an effective option to reduce cavities among children five to 15 years old – especially for kids who may be more predisposed to cavities.

Helping your kids maintain good oral health is one of the best things you can do to help steer them towards a lifetime of better health.

If your child is overdue for a cleaning or you just need to pre-schedule your kids’ dental check-ups for the year, please give us a call at (206) 524-1000 or request an appointment online!

P.S.  Visit the Kids Zone for more tips on kids’ dental needs!

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