Help Us Name Our New Puffer Fish

Give our new puffer fish a name.

We kicked off 2024 by adding a new puffer fish to our waiting room aquarium.

Unfortunately, he/she still needs a name! Can you help us name him/her? Just go to our Facebook page and submit your name, or vote for your favorite one!

Give our new puffer fish a name.

Puffer Fish Fun Facts

While they may be a little clumsy swimming, compared to other fish in our waiting room’s aquarium, puffer fish can do some really cool things.

  1. They are masters of defense and can inflate themselves into a ball if they feel threatened – up to several times their normal size! Some also have spines on their skin to scare off predators!
  2. They don’t have scales, but they have spines instead.
  3. To puff up they take water into their mouths in a big mouthful, and then they pump it down into their stomach.
  4. When they’re startled, a puffer can remain puffed up for up to 10 minutes.
  5. Puffer fish have impressive teeth, which are extremely strong. In fact, they’re teeth are constantly growing and need to be worn down by proper hard food items.

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Happy New Year!

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