Get Your Bling On for the Holidays

What’s the gift that keeps on giving? Your bright smile! Now through December 20th, you can get your “bling on” and save up to $125 off our teeth whitening treatments.

Say good bye to stained or yellow teeth, look (and feel) younger, and brighten the Holidays for yourself and everyone around you with your new smile! When it comes to brightening your teeth, our professional whitening treatments are fast, safe and effective.

Get Your Bling On Teeth Whitening Details

  • Save $125 off In-Office Zoom! Teeth Whitening! Only takes 2 hours & you’ll step out of the office with a Big Bling Smile – sometimes up to 8 shades brighter! (Includes a free take-home whitening kit w/gels.)
  • Save $75 off Take-home custom whitening kits w/gels! Whiten from the convenience of home, or anywhere else you like, whenever you want!
  • Now through Dec 20th 2019
  • Buy now & whiten later – Pre-pay by Dec 20th and schedule anytime thru 2020!
  • Just call (206) 524-1000 to reserve your spot at our Smile Spa or schedule online!
  • Give Teeth Whitening Certs – And apply your discount! (Always a great stocking stuffer!)

Rely on the Professionals to Whiten Your Teeth!
When it comes to making your smile shine a little brighter, teeth whitening is always a good option, but it’s even better (and safer!) when you have your teeth whitened professionally. Here are 5 Reasons you can rely on us for a great teeth whitening experience!

Go ahead, pamper yourself! Give yourself a little bling for the Holidays! Your new, brighter smile is a perfect “pick-me-up” to get through the Holidays, and a wonderful way to kick in the “new you” for the New Year! Call to schedule your whitening treatment, or if you have any questions – (206) 524-1000 or make your appointment online!

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