Gentle Dental Care – Meet Hygienist Patty

North Seattle Dental Hygienist Patty

North Seattle Dental Hygienist Patty This one-time Las Vegas dancer left the bright lights of showbiz for dentistry – much to the benefit of our patients and staff! Friendly, with a gentle touch, Patty is another one of our all-star dental hygienists who loves helping her patients keep their teeth clean and healthy. Adding skill and charm to her repertoire, she keeps patients calm and smiling.

What were some of the dance shows you performed in Las Vegas? “Enter the Night” at the Stardust. “Jubilee” at Bally’s. “The Winds of the Gods” at the Luxor. And “King Arthur’s Tournament” at Excalibur.

Dentistry is a BIG change from Vegas. What attracted you to dentistry? I was 30 when I decided I needed to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. And my mother-in-law suggested dental hygiene.

Favorite area hideaway? I love downtown Edmonds. We go to the old movie theater a lot – the Edmonds theater.

Favorite restaurant? Angela’s in Tacoma. They have the best fried chicken and jo-jo’s, with a secret sour cream sauce.

Favorite local excursions? Take a ferry ride on a sunny day, and drive over to Leavenworth for a day-trip.

Favorite film you’ve recently watched? “I, Tonya”. I didn’t want to see this movie, at first. I had an idea of her and didn’t really like her. But my son made me watch it, and after seeing what her life was like, I changed my mind.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? Sandra Bullock.

What film can you watch over and over again? The Big Lebowski – ‘the dude abides’!

What shows can you binge watch? Grace and Frankie, and anything on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Mini-van or race car? I’ll take the mini-van any day…unless it’s a Porsche race car!

Can’t live without a cell phone or coffee? That’s easy – coffee!!

What’s your favorite flower? Gardenias.

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring? Floss, a solar-powered espresso machine and a tool box.

Cat or dog person? I love them both the same!

Paper book or e-book? Paper books, I like to have the pages in my hand.

Favorite vacation spot? Hawaii is my favorite, but I tend to go to Disneyland a lot with the kids, which I also love.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Licorice, but it’s hard to find.

Guilty pleasure snack food? Fair scones!

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