My Favorite Seattle Dentist

My Favorite Seattle Dentist

I Want a Great Dentist with a Gentle Touch

Brenda Peach needed to find a new Seattle dentist. Her long-time dentist had passed away and she'd just had a bad experience with her replacement dentist. Having once worked as a dental assistant, she wanted to find a good cosmetic dentist, with a gentle touch, who really cared about their work and the care of their patients. Her journey to find such a dentist, and a dental staff that made a difference, led her to Dr. Leah Worstman and North Seattle Dental, and she hasn't looked back!

North Seattle Dental Patients have fun! How did you choose Dr. Leah Worstman to be your Seattle dentist?
My former Dentist, Doctor K of 20 some years passed away. He and I had a great time working to restore my teeth from childhood tetracycline stains. Besides being so gentle, he did a beautiful job in cosmetic dentistry. I felt lost and experienced a poor job by his replacement dentist. I conferred with another office and Dr. Worstman came highly recommended. She has repaired the poor quality work done by the replacement dentist and I can say that she is as gentle as Doctor K ever was.

What things do you like about Dr. Worstman and the North Seattle Dental staff?
I worked in a dental office in my 20’s as a chairside assistant and later for Washington Dental Service. I look for a high-quality professional, with a friendly office environment who is concerned for my comfort. Being gentle in my mouth is of the greatest of importance to me. From the initial injection to the intrusion of instruments in my mouth, the comfort of my dry lips or a blanket to warm me, I am very happy with all the comforts that come with my visits here. Dr. Worstman gives an incredibly gentle injection. The staff of mostly “Wonder Women” that assist her are the power source of the office. Besides friendly and fun, they can literally look just like Wonder Women! (Teresa the assistant) Lynn at the front desk will greet you with enthusiasm and team spirit, with a splash of blue in her hair. Go Hawks!

What do you like most about Dr. Worstman?
Her high-quality dental work of course, but what I really like is that she laughs at my jokes!

What types of dental services has Dr. Worstman provided for you?
Doctor Worstman has done a lot of dental repair for me, crowns, restorations, and implants. I now have a crazy cute smile!

How have these dental services worked for you?
Thankfully Doctor Worstman was able to fix the poor job a previous dentist made of my front teeth. Doctor X replaced a front tooth with a poor color. I was not happy with her choice and asked if she could send it back and correct the color. Doctor X shook her head and said that was probably “as good as it would get" and then cemented the crown. What she didn’t know was that I knew that you can get a better match; you just have to care too. A good cosmetic dentist makes the effort and cares about the finished product.

Were (or are) you anxious about visiting the dentist? If so, what things does Dr. Worstman and her staff do to help lessen your anxiety?
Just because I worked as a chairside dental assistant doesn’t mean I don’t get anxious in the chair. Trust me I do. The crew have given me blankets and pillows, warm wash cloths and even let me lay there with the lead covering used for x-ray protection, just because it felt comforting to me. And when I get restless from a long procedure they have let me walk the hall maze to work out my wiggle legs. I have never felt judged for asking to be comfortable, but instead eager willingness to reach out with help.

Do you have a fun or interesting "story" to share about a visit you've made to North Seattle Dental?
Not so much a story, but I have fun sharing with the staff, pictures of my office Halloween costumes each year. And they will share theirs back as well. This office has fun! I guess what I need to do is schedule a cleaning on Halloween sometime.

Why would you recommend Dr. Worstman to anyone else? And have you?
I would recommend Doctor Worstman and her entire crew as being the best Dental office in Seattle. This is a really nice group of professionals that enjoy what they do and do a quality job of it. They have fun on the job, and you can tell that you are important to them.

My roommate Corey also comes here per my recommendation. Corey is pretty picky about anything I recommend, but for some reason she listened to me and went in to see Dr. Worstman. The doctor won her over all on her own. That’s the only advice Corey has ever taken from me, which is too bad because I have a lot of wonderful advice. Really!

Anything else that you'd like to mention?
Did I mention they're extremely gentle?

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