Every Super Hero Should Wear a Mouth Guard

Every Superhero Needs a Sports Mouthguard

Why wear a sports mouth guard? Most adults have 32 good reasons, or 28, if they’ve had their wisdom teeth pulled.

Every Superhero Needs a Sports MouthguardSo when you, or your family members, are out there playing, wearing a sports mouth guard is a great way to protect your permanent teeth from possible dental injuries, like a knocked out tooth. While mouthguards are usually associated with tough contact sports, such as boxing, football or rugby, your teeth are susceptible to breaking during almost any sport, well, maybe not curling, unless someone gets crazy with the broom.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior or just an every-day super-hero, wearing a custom fitted sports mouth guard can work wonders fighting off possible dental injuries when you’re out playing.

30 Sports & Rec Activities to Wear a Mouth Guard
So what sports, or activities should you consider wearing a sports mouth guard? Well, luckily, the American Dental Association (ADA) has compiled an ever-growing list of competitive and recreational sports (keep an eye out for curling). Here’s their list:

Acrobatics Basketball Bicycling Boxing Equestrian Sports
Extreme Sports Field Events Field Hockey Football Gymnastics
Handball Ice Hockey Inline Skating Lacrosse Martial Arts
Racquetball Rugby Shotputting (!) Skateboarding Skiing
Sky Diving Snowboarding Soccer Softball Squash
Surfing Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling
    The ADA recommends wearing a mouthguard while practicing or playing a sport for the following reasons:

  • Cushion teeth against impact.
  • Protect against jaw joint injuries.
  • Protect against soft tissue injuries (lips and gums).
  • Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries.
  • Mouthguards may help reduce concussion.

Watch Your Mouth
Protecting your permanent teeth, and keeping them healthy, plays an important role in your overall good health. Versus dealing with the possibility of a serious dental injury, our mouth guards cost $100. And they’re custom fitted by our dentists to fit your unique teeth. They’ll feel good while you play, and they look good while your playing – they come in different colors. Ask us about them during your next appointment, or schedule a consultation to learn more about them.

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