Dogs vs Night Guards

They’re soft, fluffy and irresistible.

Botox Dental Treatments Rain or shine, your best friend is always there to greet you with a wag of the tail. And rain or shine, your dog is also there to sneak a chomp out of your mouthguard, nightguard or retainer whenever the opportunity strikes.

Why? Dogs love mouthguards! They’re attracted to the saliva, the smell and also the material. In fact, some dog toys are made with the same materials that go into the making of your mouthguard – be it a night guard, a snore guard, or a sports mouth guard. To your dog, mouthguards taste good and they’re also fun to play with.

Unfortunately, “my dog ate my night guard” is a common reason many patients request a replacement for their guard. What to do? In honor of National Dog Day, love your dog, protect your teeth and wallet by keeping your mouthguards in a case and out of reach from your furry friend.

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