Discover the Secret Powers of a Smile

The power of your smile

What’s a gift that keeps on giving? Your smile. 🙂

The power of your smileSmiling can just about make everything better. It has the power to significantly improve your life, as well as the lives of others. Not only will it make you feel better, your smile will help brighten the day for those around you. And that’s an especially good thing around here in Seattle area during the winter months, with short days and little sunlight.

Here are some of the benefits that come from the power of your smile.

  1. You’ll appear more likable + competent.
    When you’re smiling you look good in the eyes of others. Studies have actually confirmed that when we smile, we not only appear more likable and courteous, but we’re actually perceived to be more competent. Research shows that most people determine whether they like, or don’t like, someone within the first 7 seconds of their meeting. Your smile makes a great, long-lasting first-impression!
  2. Smiling is contagious!
    Your smile will promote plenty of good cheer by getting more people to smile! Consciously, or unconsciously, people will smile back, when you smile. Why? Studies have shown that when people smile it compels others to smile because it’s more difficult to frown when you’re looking at someone smiling. When you’re smiling, the world smiles with you! Pass your smile on and help make Seattle a brighter place to live!
  3. The world needs more smiles.
    We smile a lot throughout the day, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to smile more! Smiling is a universal form of communicating – a smile is worth a thousand words! 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day, and about 14% of us smile less than 5 times a day. Who smiles the most? Kids do. They smile on average about 400 times a day! (We could learn something from them!)
  4. Smiling is more pleasurable than chocolate or free cash!
    What!? In a British study, researchers determined that one smile could offer the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2000 chocolate bars. And a smile was found to be as stimulating as getting up to $21,000 dollars in cash. Now that’s powerful! Please Note: North Seattle Dental is not responsible for any brave souls willing to test this theory.
  5. It may help you live longer.
    How long you live could be determined by the cards. Not Tarot cards, but baseball cards. One study analyzed the baseball card photos of baseball players in 1952. The study confirmed that there was a clear correlation between how big a smile someone made on a baseball card photo and how long they would live. The people who smiled the most turned out to live 7 years longer than those who didn’t.
  6. It’s a stress reliever!
    When you smile more, even if you’re not feeling happy, this actually helps your body cope with stressful situations, which can increase your heart rate and your blood pressure. One study found that smiling helped lower the heart rate during stressful moments. Besides the physical benefit, your smile offers a physiological one too.
  7. It’s good for your relationship!
    Happy smile, happy life. Are you smiling in your yearbook photo? Hope so. If not, smile more and make up for lost time. Why? One study researched yearbook photos to determine if there was any correlation between how often people smile and the likelihood they’ll divorce. Those who smile least were were 5 times more likely to be divorced at some point in their life.

When life stresses you out, give a SMILE 🙂 Your smile has the superpower to help yourself, and others, live longer, healthier & happier lives.

Whenever you want to increase the wattage of your beautiful smile, our teeth whitening services can help make your smile even more noticeable. And if you want a quick tune-up, try our in-office whitening treatment – in 90 minutes you can walk out with a smile up to 8 shades brighter! Learn more about our whitening options – Call us at (206) 524-1000 to schedule a teeth whitening consultation or request an appointment online!

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