Making a Difference in Your Dental Care

Dental Staff Who Make a Difference

Dental Staff Who Make a Difference This Massachusetts native was once a certified aerobics instructor. Having received her BS degree in dental hygiene, she moved to Seattle, joined North Seattle Dental, where she’s been delivering All-Star dental care to her patients as a dental hygienist for over 35 years. Her favorite part about her job? The patients! Since her time here, she’s also heard plenty of really funny stories, but she’ll never tell – so your secret’s always safe with her. Here’s a little Q & A with Barb.

Favorite Seattle hideaway? The Brier Pizza Kitchen.

Favorite super-hero? Wonder Woman rules!

Pets’ names – She has three amigos – Mavarick (dog), Charly (dog) and Butters (cat)

Rock concert or opera? Rock-on!

Paper book or e-book person? Paper books.

Favorite vacation spot? Book ’em, Dano, to Hawaii!

Milk or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Jamoca Almond Fudge.

How many years practicing in dentistry? 39! (What’s the deal? She must have started when she was 12?!)

Favorite Seattle charity event she participates in – Every October, you’ll find Barb walking The Puget Sound Heart Walk (through the American Heart Association).

My Hygienist, Barb, has been caring for my teeth for many years. She is kind, gentle, thorough and provides education in a clear, supportive way. I will always schedule my cleanings with Barb – Holly W.

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