Sports Guards

Sports Guards

The Power To Prevent Injury

Play safe and prevent injury with contemporary sports mouth guards from North Seattle Dental.

Using sports mouth guards not only help keep your teeth healthy, they also help keep you focused on your game, without any unnecessary interruptions.

Dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury caused by sports. More than 200,000 are prevented annually in the U.S. by athletes who wear mouth guards, yet more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities this year alone. At North Seattle Dental, we hope we can help lower those statistics.

We encourage youth, high school, and college athletes to be fitted for custom mouth guards and protect their teeth. Invented in 1982, Playsafe mouthguards have become the top choice in custom fabricated mouth guards for athletes in Europe, Australia, and the US.

At North Seattle Dental, we can custom fit guards for children and adults and have a variety of levels of protection depending on your sport.

The best sports mouthguards are custom-fit and designed to match the specific contours of your mouth. Many don’t realize that store-bought alternatives often don’t fit well, and in some cases can do more harm than good. When it comes to your well-being, choosing a customized solution designed by a professional is always the better choice.

Mouth guards can help protect the bright smiles of all the sports enthusiasts in your family. Make an appointment today to learn more about some of the options we offer – like Playsafe Custom Sports Mouth Guards.

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