Celebrating 63 years as a North Seattle Dental Patient

Over 63 years of dental care

Even before Seattle had the Space Needle (1962), there was a North Seattle Dental.

Back in 1956, Seattle looked a lot different than it does now, (as does our dental practice!) but that’s when our patient Don Hood first came in for a dental exam. And 63 years later, Don is still coming in to see us for his dental care. He must really like our jokes, or the dental care we offer! Hopefully it’s both!

Don Celebrates 63 years as a North Seattle Dental patient!Taking care of a patient’s lifetime dental care is quite an honor, and it’s even more special when that patient is as sweet a guy as Don. Thank you, Don, for the privilege of caring for all your dental needs through the years, and we look forward to seeing you for your next check-up and cleaning in 2020!

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