Cavity Protection with Dental Sealants

Cavity Protection with Dental Sealants

Cavity Protection with Dental Sealants

Nobody likes dealing with cavities, yet almost all of us have them. 95% of adults have them and now recent studies show that over 40% of kids have one by the time they enter kindergarten.

Dental Benefits for Teachers Will Change Next Year When it comes to providing a little extra protection against cavities, sealants might be a good option for both kids and adults who may be more pre-disposed to cavities.

How Sealants Work

Our permanent back teeth (aka molars) come in when we’re about six. We use these teeth for chewing and because they have more grooves and crannies in them, they are more difficult to keep clean when we brush our teeth. When food accumulates within these nooks, and linger, it leads to tooth decay and cavities. You could brush like a pro, and still have issues being able to brush all the food residue away. This is where sealants can help.

Sealants are a plastic resin that’s painted to the grooves and pits of these molars in order to seal out the acids and bacteria that can start to eat away at your tooth’s enamel and lead to tooth decay.

5 Reasons to Consider Sealants

  1. Young and old can benefit from sealants. If you’re over six, you could benefit from sealants, particularly if you’re pre-disposed to cavities or have a family history with them.
  2. They’re non-invasive and are easy to apply, so there’s no need for any numbing. In fact, the complete set of sealants can be taken care of in just one visit.
  3. They’re invisible – you can’t see them and they don’t stain.
  4. They can last a long time – about 5 to 10 years. Once your sealants have run their course, they can be reapplied. And we’ll verify the condition of your sealants at every dental exam.
  5. They’re a less expensive option than cavities, and they may be covered by your dental insurance.

When it comes to protecting your teeth from tooth decay, sealants can work wonders for all ages. But they still don’t replace the importance of practicing good oral hygiene and keeping up with your routine dental exams and teeth cleaning.

If you think you or your child could benefit from dental sealants, please ask us during your next visit or schedule an appointment.

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