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Patient Reviews

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Looking for a friendlier dental experience? At North Seattle Dental, our dentists and dental staff are dedicated to providing you with the best in oral health care. That’s why we've been brightening smiles throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound for over fifty years. And our patients and their families keep coming back and referring us. It's because we offer unsurpassed service and dental expertise in a friendly, comforting environment. With over 170 reviews on Google with a 5.0 rating, please see what our patients have to say regarding our dental services.

I’ve been a patient for over 30 years …It’s like stopping at a friend’s twice a year and leaving with clean teeth!

Lolita C - Rate a Biz

For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to a dental visit. Dr Pickel and his staff are friendly, efficient and provide excellent dental care. Bonus points for helping my 4 year old get off to a great start trusting the dentist!

Courtney P

After years of getting the same cookie-cutter advice from an uninterested dentist I am very happy to have found a professional and engaging dentist.

Dan K - Yelp

Please go see her (Leah) if you also are a hater of going to the dentist. You can thank me later.

Stephanie O - Patient
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