7 Ways Your Dentist Protects Your Health

Healthy Teeth for Life

You might not always appreciate visiting your dentist, but most of us still appreciate having healthy teeth and gums that are pain-free.

Healthy Teeth for Life When your tooth is chipped, broken or aching, your dentist is there to make it better.

And, most importantly, your dentist is there to offer you preventative dental care, so that you can limit the need for more serious dental work (and more dental visits) in the future. By taking care of your oral health, your dentist actually looks out for your overall health!

In honor of National Dentist’s Day, here are 7 ways your dentist supports your health.

  1. Detects Diseases – From gum disease (aka periodontal) to screening for oral cancer.
  2. Offers Pain Relief – Don’t suffer. Whether it’s because of a cavity, teeth grinding or an impacted wisdom tooth, if you’re experiencing any form of mouth pain, your dentist can sneak you in to diagnose what’s going on and help relieve your oral pain.
  3. Soothes Fears – Avoiding your dentist for regular check-ups due to dental anxiety is more common than you’d think. But your dentists and staff at North Seattle Dental are so good at offering a friendly, caring and comfortable atmosphere, that many of our patients who were once dental phobic, now actually look forward to their dental visits!
  4. Cares for Kids – Because kids have special oral health needs, we offer dental services for them, and we try to make sure that their visits to the dentist are positive ones. First visits that are good experiences go a long way to set the foundation for a life of good oral health.
  5. Helps With Nutrition – When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, good nutrition helps. Your dentist will offer tips on what foods promote good oral health, as well as what types of foods to avoid.
  6. Perfect Your Smile – Your dentist is here to help your smile stand out even more, whether it’s by brightening your smile with teeth whitening or straightening your teeth with clear, Invisalign braces.
  7. Performs Preventative Dental Care – Keeping your teeth and gums healthy so we can help keep future dental problems in check is always our goal. Through an on-going oral health plan that includes routine dental exams and teeth cleanings, your dentist will keep your mouth healthy and pain-free.

Our dentists are here not just to support your oral health, but to assist you with your overall health. If it’s been a while since you’ve last visited a dentist, please call us at (206) 524-1000 to set up an appointment, or schedule a visit online.

And if you’re a regular patient, thank you for allowing us to care for your teeth. If you enjoy our dental services, please spread the word about our dental care to your friends and family!

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