5 Ways for Kids to Stay Cavity Free

Keeping Kids Teeth Cavity Free

February is National Childrens Dental health month, but fighting off tooth decay for kids is a year-round job. And it’s not an easy task.

Keeping Kids Teeth Cavity Free That’s why we launched the Kids Cavity Free Club this month to give kids an extra incentive (bribe) to help maintain good dental hygiene to keep their smiles cavity free.

Any kid who makes it through their scheduled teeth cleaning and dental exam appointment with a cavity free report is entered for a $25 gift card drawing – learn more about the Cavity Free Club here!

While free gift cards may help motivate kids to combat cavities, there are other ways to help your kids’ teeth stay cavity free throughout the year.

Here are 5 Ways Kids Can Stay Cavity Free:

  1. Regularly brush (and floss if you can!) – twice a day!
  2. Beware of foods that promote food decay!
  3. Consider Sealants – They can provide major protection from tooth decay!
  4. Incorporate foods and tips that help prevent cavities!
  5. Schedule routine dental exams with your dentist!

Maintaining good dental hygiene is the surest way to keep your kids teeth free of sugar bugs. But if your kid still wants the chance to win a free gift card, we’re offering them the chance to enter drawings to win gift cards throughout the year, including in May, August and December!

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