5 Things You Can Do Now for Your Teeth to Stay Healthier!

You don’t need to wait until next year to do something that’s good for you now! While the beginning of the every yer is a popular time to make resolutions, making change to improve your health should happen whenever you’re motivated. And, during this time of socially distancing, now just might be a good time to start taking better care of your teeth, and your health!

Striving to live a healthier is always great goal. And many resolutions will involve getting in better shape or being more mindful about our diet. But how many of us made any dental resolutions this year? Especially since good oral health is directly connected to having good overall health.

Luckily, the year has barely begun, so if you hadn’t thought about adding any dental resolutions to your list for a more healthy 2020, there’s still plenty of time to do so.

Here are 5 Dental Resolutions that can help you stay healthier this year!

  1. Improve Your Brush Stroke – How’s your toothbrush stroke? Just because you’ve been brushing your teeth for as long as you remember it doesn’t mean you’re brushing correctly. In fact, you may actually be causing a little damage to your teeth and gums. Brush twice a day, for 2 minutes, holding your brush at a 45 degree, using circular strokes. Need to update your skills? Learn how to brush like a pro.
  2. Master the Art of Floss – Most adults would rather do something else, like clean a toilet, rather than floss. But flossing is one of the best ways to protect your gums and teeth from the bacteria that lurk around in your teeth. When your tooth brush fails to reach certain areas in your mouth, food particles build up and can eventually lead to gum disease and cavities. Fortunately, flossing is a great way to keep your teeth debris free. But flossing is more helpful, when it’s done correctly – here’s how to master the floss.
  3. Smile More – It’s Good for You! – Smiling is good for your immune system. It lowers your blood pressure. And studies show that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin, which will make you feel better. Smiling is also a great way to make everyone around you feel better. So, if you want to smile more this year, we can help it standout with our teeth whitening services, such as in-office Zoom! Teeth whitening (a brighter smile in 2 hours) or with take-home whitening. Make Seattle an even nicer place to live for everyone – smile more this year!
  4. Guard Your Teeth When You’re Recreating – Protect your teeth. Most adults have 32 good reasons to do so, or 28, if they’ve had their wisdom teeth extracted. And dental mouth guards are a great way to prevent serious damage or wear-and-tear to your teeth. Planning to exercise more this year? Whether it’s a pick-up basketball game or mountain biking, play-safe custom sports mouth guards will protect your mouth.
  5. Don’t Miss Your Dental Visits– When it comes to good oral health, preventative care is the key. Your regular dental exams and teeth cleanings are vital to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and free of gum disease or cavities. These semi-annual check-ups will also help your dentist beware of any signs of trouble, such as cavities or tooth fractures, and offer treatment options before these dental issues become more serious, and costly.

If your goal this year is to be more healthy, adding a dental resolution, or two, will work wonders. After all, oral health is the window to your overall health. And when you need help on any of your dental resolutions this year, please contact us for an appointment! Here’s to enjoying an even healthier new year!

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