4 Options to Replace a Missing Tooth + Get Your Smile Back

The tooth fairy can't bring your tooth back but we do have options.

Lose a tooth? You’re not alone. Around 70% of adults have lost a permanent tooth by the time they reach 44.

On any given day somebody loses a tooth because of a sports injury, an accident, tooth decy, gum disease, or some other dental issue.

Fortunatetly, living with a missing tooth doesn’t need to be a way of life. Thanks to the continuing improvements in dental treatments and technology, we have multiple options to help you reclaim a full a smile again.

The tooth fairy can't bring your tooth back but we do have options.

4 Options to Replace Your Tooth + Complete Your Smile!

While the tooth fairy can’t bring your tooth back, we do have  some great replacement options to help fill in the gap.

  1. Dental Implants  – Think of implants as a replacement tooth with artificial roots. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone, with a screw, where they bond with your bone. This becomes a sturdy foundation from which to support one, or more, artificial teeth, like porcelain crowns. The nice part about dental implants is that they will look, feel and function like your natural teeth. And they are also long lasting.
  2. A Dental Bridge – When you have a missing tooth, a bridge will fill in this gap using a replacement tooth, often made of porcelain, or other materials. It is usually bonded to the surrounding teeth to provide better support. A dental bridge can replace one or two missing teeth, or even more it there is adequate support. Your neighboring natural teeth will support the bridge.
  3. Removable Partial Dentures – Unlike a fixed dental bridge, you can take partial dentures out of your mouth for cleaning, or when you sleep. This option involves fixing the replacement tooth, or teeth, to a plastic base that matches the color of your gums.
  4. Complete Removable Dentures – Unlike partial dentures that replace a missing tooth, or a section of missing teeth, a removable complete denture usually replaces most of your teeth. Dentures are functional and aesthetic, but they are not as comfortable to wear throughout the day.

If you’re ready to replace a missing tooth, or teeth, we can help you restore the functionality of your teeth, and regain your smile. Just contact us for a replacement consultation – call (206) 524-1000 or request an appointment online. We’ll  discuss the pros and cons of each tooth replacement option to help you determine which specific treatment fits your needs the best.

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