Meet the North Seattle Dentists

Meet the North Seattle Dentists

Meet The North Seattle Dentists

We’re not just interested in your teeth, we’re interested in you. While North Seattle Dental offers the highest level of dental expertise with an unsurpassed quality of care, we really do care about our patients. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been offering skilled, compassionate dental care to patients of all ages throughout the Seattle area for over 40 years.

We take as much pride in offering our patients with excellent dental services, as we enjoy offering each patient a friendly, family focused atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide personalized treatment in a relaxed and happy environment. We do this by combining advanced technology, continuing education, and 100% commitment to our service and to you.

Dr. Chris Pickel   Dr. Leah Worstman

Seattle Dentists Chris Pickel and Leah Worstman
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