The Staff at North Seattle Dental

A great source of pride is our dental staff. Their commitment to offering our patients excellent dental care from start to finish will make you feel like you are part of our family. They love what they do. And they are committed to making you comfortable, keeping you healthy and helping you stay educated.

Their care is a reflection of their enthusiasm and commitment to the well being of our patients. They’re a big reason why our patients keep coming back to North Seattle Dental and referring their friends to us. Our patients are our highest compliment

Dental Hygienists

Jody at North Seattle Dental
Jody – RDH
Dental Hygienist


You can rely on Jody to keep you relaxed. In fact, keeping people calm at North Seattle Dental is part of her job. She is RDH certified in nitrous oxide and local anesthetic administration. A one-time farm girl from Strayton, Oregon, a big influence on Jody’s life was her grandma, who told her when she was a youngster to go to college and get a career so that she could be independent! Good advice! Jody moved to the big city and has worked as a hygienist, a job she loves. A certified people helper, Jody considers North Seattle Dental to be a fantastic place to be and loves helping people. She also gets great satisfaction in seeing those patients who are “dental phobic” become less and less anxious about their dental visits. When she’s not helping to keep everyone at ease at North Seattle Dental, Jody enjoys gardening, crafting and spending time with her family, and her “furry kids.”

Barb Dental Staff at North Seattle Dental
Dental Hygienist


Barb is a dental hygienist extraordinaire who truly loves her work and her patients. Once this Massachusetts native graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene she came to North Seattle Dental and never looked back. Thirty five years later she’s still delivering the same great oral health care to her patients! During her time at North Seattle Dental, Barb has seen plenty and would have many funny stories to share. But she won’t tell you any, so your secret is always safe with Barb! When she’s not caring for her patients, Barb enjoys Zumba, taking walks and cherishes time with her family and friends. Need to bust out a dance move? Barb might be able to help! She was once a certified aerobics instructor.

Dental Assistants

Meet Alex at North Seattle Dental
Dr. Worstman’s Dental Assistant


Besides being a registered dental assistant, who enjoys helping her patients maintain healthy oral health, Alex is sure to put a smile on your face. In fact, if you’re feeling a little nervous or you’re not sure what to talk about, Alex can help! She’ll make you feel at ease and forget all your worries simply by “bending your ear” a little, which is something she enjoys. (Word on the street, she’s the talker in the office.) A true Seattle native, both born and raised, Alex enjoys yoga and spending time with her daughter. Something you might not know about Alex: She was classically trained in ballet!

Elizabeth North Seattle Dental Assistant
Dr. Pickel’s Dental Assistant


Elizabeth can’t get enough of North Seattle Dental! She might be a recent, new face here, but Elizabeth has been here before, as she once worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Leah Worstman for over 10 years. She’s baaaack and is now helping out Dr. Chris Pickel. This Bothell native counts her grandpa as an influential figure (and he’s almost 94!) and enjoys playing with her two young sons, reading and hanging out with her friends and family. She lists Northern Idaho as her favorite vacation spot and “Anne of Green Gables” as one of her favorite films. Something you might not know about her, she’s had a secret desire to learn to play the banjo.

Emily North Seattle Dental Assistant
Dr. Pickel’s Dental Assistant


This Edmonds native lives by the mantra that it’s always easier to be kind and that being happy is better than being right. When it comes to being a dental assistant, she brings a go-getter attitude and believes that “life is 10% of what happens to you, 90% of how you respond.” Her favorite book is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith, which might explain her tenacity and her ability to try and make the best out of any difficult situation.
When she’s not helping her dental patients at North Seattle Dental, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and playing in the outdoors. And where does she like to vacation? Emily says it’s any place with a beach…sounds like she knows what winter is like in Seattle! If you happen to have something to say, you might be in luck. Her super power is listening, something like an acute “spidey sense” to eavesdropping!


Cris at North Seattle Dental
Business Manager


Cris began working with North Seattle Dental after graduating form Shoreline CC in 1977. She started her career as a chairside assistant, and has been our business manager since 1980. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Lisa at North Seattle Dental
Office Manager


Helping the North Seattle Dental practice moving smoothly and keeping patients happy is what Lisa does best. And she’s been doing it for over 14 years! During that time, it’s never been a dull moment between the patients she meets and the interesting dental stories she hears, like the patient, who came into the office experiencing sore gums…only to find that they had a Christmas bulb hanger stuck between their teeth. But it’s no joke that North Seattle Dental and its patients are in good hands with Lisa, who says that her greatest satisfaction of her job is “having the opportunity to meet and take care of such great people.” When she’s not at work, Lisa enjoys snowmobiling, camping, hiking, spending time with her family and also enjoys jewelry making (need some earings?). A Pacific Northwest original, Lisa is just as comfortable getting dressed up for a night on the town with her hubby as she is exploring the back country on her Polaris snowmobile.

Lynn at North Seattle Dental
Customer Service Specialist


The moment you come through the front door, you’ll be greeted with a big smile. As the first contact for North Seattle Dental, Lynn takes pride in making sure that everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. A certified “people person”, this Seattle native loves meeting patients and getting to know them. After working as an orthodontic assistant for many years, Lynn finds working on the front-line (customer service) to be her dream-job, as it’s both rewarding and keeps her on her toes. When she talks about North Seattle, she’s quick to point out that the staff is very caring, friendly and offers the best dental care possible. When she’s not busy helping patients, you’re apt to catch Lynn at an opera, walking through museums (she also volunteers at SAM!), doing a little Tai-Chi and hassling her two cats. A lover of 50’s fashions, Lynn is always on the look-out for the perfect cat-eye glasses. (Secretly, she would love to be on project runway.)

Adriana at North Seattle Dental
Treatment Coordinator


Keeping everyone happy and making sure everything is moving along smoothly, like clockwork, is what Rachel does best. Maintaining treatment schedules and scheduling appointments for multiple doctors is no easy task, but Rachel does it effortlessly and with a smile. In fact, it was a smile that got her into dentistry. “A person’s smile and teeth are the first things I notice,” she says. But it’s more than just teeth and shiny smiles that Rachel is concerned about. She truly cares about her patients and her greatest satisfaction is making sure that they always leave North Seattle happy! When she’s not juggling schedules at North Seattle Dental, Rachel enjoys camping, snowboarding, game nights with her family (yeah, Pictionary!) and jogging. Originally from the sunny Tri-Cities in eastern Washington, Rachel made the move to occasionally rainy Seattle. But you can’t take the sun completely away from her! She’s addicted to tanning in the summer (when there’s sun).