Cavity Prevention Oral Rinses

Cavity Prevention Oral Rinses

Say Goodbye To Cavities

An apple a day may be good for you, but cavity prevention oral rinses will help keep the bacteria away!

Did you think having cavities is just a part of life? They don’t have to be. Create a healthy environment in your mouth and take on tooth decay before it can lead to cavities. While cavities are caused by bacteria formed by acids in your mouth, cavity prevention oral rinses like CariFree can help eliminate this bacteria.

replace a missing tooth this year!Some people have a greater risk at getting cavities than others. Dental disease is a balance between protective (good) and pathologic (bad) factors. CariFree was developed with the vision of helping patients become cavity-free by assessing risks for dental disease, diagnosing the presence of the bacterial caries infection that causes cavities and treating the infection using preventive medical techniques vs. traditional drill and fill methods. CariFree works hand-in-hand with practitioners who desire to practice preventive, wellness care and give patients the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, natural beautiful smile for life.

How You Get Cavities
Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known in the dental profession as “caries”. This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. Cavities are the demineralized areas, or the holes, that form in teeth as a result of a bacterial infection called dental caries. This infection takes place when the normal healthy bacteria in the mouth are replaced by acid-producing bacteria. This shift in bacteria is primarily caused by two things:

  • Prolonged Acidic Oral Environment – Contributing factors include, a lack of saliva, and/or a sugary/acidic diet that favors acid-producing bacteria.
  • Transmission – This infection is contagious! You can be infected by someone through the exchange of saliva.

In recent years, scientists and other dental professionals began to realize that it was a bacterial infection in the teeth’s biofilm that was causing tooth decay, leading to cavities. In the past, we would treat cavity prone patients with fluoride. This was effective in remineralizing the damaged enamel, but it did not address the cause: the bacteria in the biofilm.

Cavity Prevention Oral Rinses
By first assessing the patient’s risk for developing cavities, we can prescribe various cavity prevention options in the form of at home oral rinses.

Carifree Treatment Rinse – Designed to treat the unhealthy plaque biofilm, reduce the overpopulation of cavity-causing bacteria, and neutralize decay-causing acids with patent pending pH+ technology.

Carifree Maintenance Rinse – Designed to promote healthy biofilm development and limit the growth of decay-causing bacteria.

CariFree Maintenance Rinse contains 3 grams of Xylitol per swish, fluoride, and patent pending pH+ technology. There are other Carifree products we recommend to customize the treatment for your needs and convenience. We combine this with the well established success of Fluoride, and an anticavity gum called Xylitol, which is also very effective for reducing the acids produced by bacteria. Xylitol is also available in wipes, sprays, rinses and toothpastes. We also use a prescription strength Fluoride tooth paste for home use call Clinpro 5000.

With proper home care, and diet counseling, many of our patients that have had cavity risks all their life are now cavity free.

Are you ready to say goodbye to cavities? Set up a consultation with us to learn more about our cavity prevention dental services. We’ll help you determine which options might work best for you.

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